Tourism November 25, 2019 | 4:45 pm

Frost covers Dominican Republic’s upper highlands

Photo courtesy of Elido de los Santos:

Constanza, Dominican Republic.- The chill increasingly becomes more intense in Valle Nuevo, Constanza (central), dropping as low as -4°C from early Saturday and Sunday in the area of Las Pirámides, La Nevera (Visitor Center Las Pirámides) and Rancho en Medio, where frost covered the ground.

In the case of Rancho en Medio (entrance to Alto Bandera), -1°C was registered, while in the Mora Farm and Malo River the decrease was -2°C.

Meanwhile in Las Pirámides and La Nevera  (the fridge) the mercury dropped to -2°C, which led to the formation of frost on the weeds and bushes of the surroundings.

“Today, for the third consecutive day, it was white as snow. With everything and the avocados of Las Espinas and the incessant agriculture, Valle Nuevo motivates us to visit it, protect it and conserve it,” Hoy reports.

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