Bavaro & Punta Cana January 8, 2020 | 8:36 am

Puntacana group gets sustainable tourism kudos

Santo Domingo.- The Puntacana Group, a pioneer organization in sustainable tourism in the Dominican Republic, won the Be Wellness international certification, awarded to organizations that successfully implement corporate welfare promotion policies, positively impacting its collaborators, leaders, suppliers, customers and social environment, reports the agency CICOM.

It said that to obtain the distinction, the company went through “a process of stages that consisted of measuring and reviewing the organization’s subjective welfare promoting policies, a look at the collaborator and human management, and verification of the methods and good practices.”

During the delivery of the certification, Juan Marque, CEO of Big Bienestar – managing organization of Be Wellness- stressed that Grupo Puntacana demonstrates its management capacity and focus on the wellbeing of the people who integrate it, promoting belonging and relevance in their organizational culture.

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