Tourism February 22, 2020 | 8:25 am

RD’s unstoppable hotel expansion: 6,356 new rooms are built



Until last January 2020, 152 hotel projects under construction in the Caribbean had been counted, which together would add 31,787 rooms in the Dominican Republic with 6,356 rooms, which goes up to 8.4% of the existing offer according to Smith’s latest data Travel Research ( STR ).

From year to year, the number of rooms in completion has increased by 26.9%.

The report details that the rooms under construction are mostly of the upper segment, in that sense the luxury projects are the ones that have grown the most with 70.1% from one year to the next, according to Punta Cana Bávaro Online.

So there are four countries in which the Spanish chains have a strong presence, reporting more than a thousand rooms at the final stage, in which the Dominican Republic has 6,356 rooms, 8.4% of the existing supply, is also Mexico with 16,699, which projects 4% of the offer.

In addition Cuba and Jamaica with 1,616 (2.5%), 1,425 (5.6%) in rooms under construction respectively.

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