Tourism March 28, 2020 | 8:48 am

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CHTA: The Caribbean will resurface stronger in tourism



The main tourism leaders of the Caribbean point to the past experience of the region with great interruptions overcome as hope for its future after COVID-19.

And it is that the Caribbean already has ‘considerable experience in managing interruptions and risks,’ as recalled by the general director of the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Caribbean ( CHTA ), Frank Comito.

“We demonstrated this publication on September 11, through SARS, Zika, hurricanes and other natural disasters in the past two decades, all while experiencing unprecedented growth,” he said.

Comito further noted CHTA has been actively working to implement monitoring, awareness and education initiatives across the region, work that started immediately after understanding the COVID-19 threat.

He explained that while much of what happens is beyond individual control, the “duration and intensity of the pandemic” should be managed through “solid collective actions by companies, organizations, communities, and governments.”

However, he said that it is desired that tourism in the Caribbean emerge and know how to use the lessons learned to help make the region even more desirable.

“Despite the temporary dark clouds, the sun is shining in the Caribbean and will continue to do so. As we go through this, the world will need the Caribbean to help it heal,” said Comito.

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