Health April 10, 2020 | 2:36 pm

The new Post-COVID19 tourism

The image of tourism as it was known until 2019, will undergo changes in the Post COVID 19 era.

Let no one doubt it: national and international tourism will no longer be the same because in 2020 it faces the worst year in its contemporary history. That worst year is expressed in cancellations of reservations, prohibitions on flights to and from destinations, deconstruction of the economy, and a big sigh as 2021 will only be the beginning of its recovery. And, there will be no real reorientation of its indexes for the months of 2022 when the industry is heading towards strengthening, trying to return to the enviable levels of pre-February 2020.

It is foreseeable that the new industry will have renewed hygiene and sanitary security protocols (as they have never been achieved before), modifying massive activities, with tendencies towards amenities of small groups or couples, validating the à la carte service, avoiding buffets and increasing the demand for room service, even when the virus has already expired.

Local tourism experts consulted, who, due to the severity of the crisis they choose not to be identified, establish that even the study plans for the professional and technical training of human resources in tourism will have to be modified.

“The COVID-19 has to change the world in many aspects, and tourism as an inevitable seasonal need in the attitude of people who require to continue traveling, knowing and enjoying the world, even when it is with new rules and protocols,” says an academic professor.

One of the fundamental points is the reclassification by the target public to be attracted, and the predominant role that there will be is to refocus the level of consumption of the tourist to be focused as a target public of the industry, opting in many cases for tourists with high consumption and those of the upper-middle class, who are more profitable and which would imply a review of the “All-Inclusive” programs.

A fact 5 trends:

Five other factors proposed to be implemented in the face of Post COVID 19 Tourism are:

  • Diversification of products and destinations, tourism sustainability,
  • Connection with new markets,
  • Regional multi-destination offers, which would lower costs while increasing national experiences to be known and enjoyed
  • New tourist promotion criteria for destinations, especially via digital platforms, which are already emerging as the preferred medium for potential visitors.
  • Differentiation in matters of social security and hygiene.

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