Health June 17, 2020 | 3:38 pm

Tourism will open on July 1 even though the country will not go to Phase III

Since the second phase of economic reopening after COVID-19, there has been an increase in the number of cases per day

Santo Domingo, RD

The Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo, clarified that despite the fact that the Dominican Republic will not go on to phase three of the economic de-escalation this Wednesday, June 17the forecast remains that by July 1 the tourism sector would open, always subject to the evolution of health indicators and in compliance with strict protocols that today will be delivered to the sector.

Montalvo said that today, Wednesday, the Government called the unions and leaders of the sector to discuss said protocols and all the necessary measures to resume tourist activity without complications.

The official reported last night that the country will not go to the third phase of de-escalation of the national economy, due to the growing cases of coronavirus that have been registered in recent weeks.

According to the State’s predictions, phase three should start on June 17 and the fourth phase on July 01, depending on the behavior of the spread of the virus, but as announced by Montalvo, in the most affected region, Greater Santo Domingo, on the 14th of June there was already a high occupancy of beds in intensive care units.

The protocol of the tourist sector 

The Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) and the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores) are working intensively on the health protocol that will be applied in the country throughout the industry, immediately the operations are reactivated, temporarily suspended by the COVID pandemic -19 for the fourth phase, as the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier García, commented last week.

A set of 14 institutions representing 510 micro, small and medium-sized companies, including hotels, restaurants, tour operators, tourist transport, cultural managers, artisans, agriculture and other providers of the tourism value chain of 12 internal destinations in the country, they delivered to Mitur a protocol with sanitary, operational and security measures, with the aim of obtaining the endorsement of national authorities and international organizations that intervene in the implementation of controls to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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