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Concern in the Dominican tourism sector due to lack of official protocol for reopening

Caribbean beach and Dominican Republic flag on Saona island

The Dominican tourism sector is impatient and “concerned” about the publication of the protocols that will govern the reopening of airports and hotels scheduled for July 1, as this would reaffirm the start of the important part of the economy. The Dominican Republic’s tourism sector has been profoundly affected by Covid-19 as it relies predominantly on international visitors.

The uncertainty worsened after paralyzing the de-escalation phase of the economy in stage 2, where the government decided not to go to stage 3 due to the increase in the spread of the virus since the opening of tourism falls on stage 4 and although it was said that It would continue its course for the security that the new protocol will provide to visitors.

In this sense, the executive vice president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism (Asonahores), Andrés Marranzini, assured that the path to the reopening of the Dominican tourism sector goes through “uncertain paths,” although he was optimistic and waiting for the publication of the operation protocols by the Government due to the Covid-19.

He indicated that they will not force the reopening of the country’s hotels and restaurants, but urged the government to communicate one thing or another in time.

“We remain optimistic that we are doing everything in our power to maintain the possibility of openness and to be prepared to manage in this new dynamic that Covid-19 presents,” he explained.

He said that the longer the publication of operating protocols is extended to make corporate institutional adjustments, which would entail operating in the new dynamic, but as the days progress, it becomes difficult to start with the verbal promise that July 1 indicates.

(It is stipulated that the Government will respond to the protocols this Wednesday or during the week).

Marranzini also explained that it is important to take advantage of summer, a tactical moment, and very important for the sector it represents, highlighting that there are already tourist reservations that trust the country as a tourist destination.

He was interviewed in “Anibelca Rosario, Closer,” which is broadcast by Studio 88.5 FM, that the hotel sector always knew that it would be the last to reactivate the economy in order to offer accommodation and recreation services more safely to tourists who choose to visit the Dominican Republic.

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