Sports July 2, 2020 | 1:28 pm

Starting today, golf has a green light in the DR


Starting today, July 2, it will be possible to restart physical training and recreational golf exercises in the Dominican Republic, according to the Minister of Sports, Danilo Díaz Vizcaíno.

You can also play tennis again. And from July 8 there will be the opening of all other sports disciplines for people who are over 15 years of age, as in the 14 sports complexes and sports centers throughout the country.

“We want to emphasize that sporting events, tournaments and sports activities involving a mass congregation of people are and will continue to be prohibited,” he said, explaining that it is done following the instructions of the Ministry of Public Health.

He pointed out that the opening of training sessions, physical training, and individual recreational activities outdoors in sports centers are part of the de-escalation measures that the government is implementing.

The de-escalation protocol is established by the mixed sports commission made up of representatives of the Ministry of Sports, the Dominican Olympic Committee and the sports federations, coordinated by Bernardo-Tony-Mesa and made up of Nelson Ramírez (COD), Rafael Villalona (COD), engineer Gregory Medina, doctors Julio Meriño and Elías Pérez (Sports Medicine), Valentín Contreras and Luis Colpo Heredia, all present as well as the famous Olympic medalist Félix Sánchez.

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