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This is the second day of the restart of operations at Dominican Republic airports

LAS AMERICAS AIRPORT. –An increase in the outward flow of passengers abroad is observed this Thursday at the Las Américas Airport, on the second day of the restart of air operations, suspended since March 19 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the general director of the 21st Century Dominican Airport Company (Aerodom), Dr. Monika Infante Henríquez, expressed her excitement at the reopening of the flights, her optimism for the recovery of the airline industry and tourism.

For this Thursday, the airlines Jet Blue, Delta, Spirit and United Airlines, have a program of 17 round-trip flights to New York, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, with planes that have a capacity for more than 260 passengers.

The airport authorities and Aerodom’s Communication Management explained that as the days go by, the number of flights to and from different points abroad increases, the number rising to 600 so far during the month of July.

Yesterday the indicated US airlines, as well as Air Europa, made a total of 14 flights, but the authorities have not yet disclosed the number of passengers mobilized in the restart of international flights.

Some 346 travelers were mobilized through Punta Cana, on the first day of the reopening of international air operations, which has filled the various sectors that affect tourist and airport activities with joy.


The general director of 21st Century Dominican Airports (Aerodom), doctor Monika Infante Henríquez, said she was very optimistic about the recovery process of the airline and tourism industry, seriously affected by the global coronavirus pandemic.

“I am happy and confident in God that we will gradually strengthen and recover our airline and tourism industry, united all public and private sectors,” expressed in an emotional way Dr. Infante, who led the act of reopening
international flights yesterday.

The Aerodom executive defined as “a success” the first day of restarting air operations, after almost four months of the closure of international airports as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that has plagued the world.

She said that through four of the airports managed by Aerodom, the airlines have projected for the month of July, the realization of 600 international flights in the order of departure and arrival from different destinations, 564 of them through the Americas.

Dr. Monika Infante said that for the moment, Aerodom is still not quantified the losses suffered by the company as a result of the cancellation of international flights, although there were some special operations to bring citizens of different nationalities to and from the country.


The joy and enthusiasm have returned to officials, employees, and users of various public and private service institutions, as well as businesses of different kinds, which began operating after several months of inactivity.

“Long live God, we are little hands together again,” are the expressions that are heard from colleagues from the various entities and businesses that since Thursday began operating at different levels of the airport.

There is also an increase in the presence of representatives of hotel and tourism operating companies, tourist transport companies, driver unions in the Americas, and promoters of car rental companies.

While the sanitary measures remain rigid in their application by the airport authorities, Public Health, and Civil Aviation, against all people.

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