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Abinader: This is the best time to invest in the Dominican Republic

During the inauguration of the Miches tourist pier, President Luis Abinader was accompanied by other national, provincial and municipal authorities. Florentine Duran.

He instructed the ministers to give all the necessary support to expedite the projects but submitting to respect for the Constitution and the laws of the Dominican Republic.


Miches, El Seibo


President Luis Abinader considered yesterday that the current moment is the ideal time to make investments in the country, announcing that he gave the government instructions to facilitate any project that guarantees jobs.

The Head of State stated that he gave instructions to all the ministers, among which he mentioned those of Tourism, Environment, Industry, and Commerce, Public Works, and the INVI “to support and accelerate the projects that contribute and generate jobs for the country, always within the framework of the law and the Constitution.”

“This is the time to invest in the Dominican Republic. This is the moment to make the investments, it is the opportune moment and that the investors know that they are fully sure that they are going to find a government that is going to support these investments,” said the president.

The president reiterated that the Government would support businessmen interested in executing projects, under the slogan “agility and zero bureaucracy.”

“I have instructed them within the framework of the law and the Constitution for the approval of all investment plans that will promote jobs in the Dominican Republic,” added Abinader. The president spoke when he gave the first dedication of the Temptation Miches Resort hotel, following its owners Ángel Gazal and its main executive.

The President of the Republic emphasized the line of the new Government to support investments with infrastructure works, which he said will be a priority at this time when it is necessary to boost the economy due to what happened due to the pandemic.

The Head of State said that in no way in this administration are projects going to stop “neither because of corruption nor because of inefficiency and bureaucracy.”

He gave as an example the Reserve Bank, of which he said he instructed him to financially support all investments that have the due feasibility “so that in this conjunctural crisis they do not stop.”


Abinader spearheaded the formal start of work by the Mexican tourism group Original for the construction of its 382-room Temptation Miches Resort hotel for adults only, in an event that took place at its facilities.

The event took place around noon and was attended by tourism leaders from the public and private sectors of the country.

Original Group’s plans call for the new establishment, along with the 114-room Temptation Grand Miches Resort, to come online in summer 2022, when it is expected to generate about 1,000 direct jobs.

“We are very happy to begin construction of the long-awaited project and proud to establish our first property abroad in the Dominican Republic, a country that values ​​hospitality and tourism as much as we do in Mexico,” said Rodrigo de la Peña, Executive Director by Original Group.

He stressed that Miches is the most virgin area they have reached and to which, “following good practices in caring for the environment and always in constant communication with the new government authorities”, they have brought “the essence of the brand.” Temptation ‘to RD.   

The Construction

Abinader aqueduct announced the construction of the aqueduct in Miches because that community has suffered from a lack of drinking water for decades. He informed that the plans are currently being checked to start the construction of the aqueduct that will provide drinking water to all the municipalities of Miches.

He had promised it.

The head of state recalled that the construction of the Miches aqueduct, in the El Seibo province, is the fulfillment of a promise made in the last electoral campaign.


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