Tourism September 22, 2020 | 8:51 am

There are 48 protected areas reopened to visitors

Santo Domingo .– The Environment Ministry on Mon. announced the reopening of 11 protected areas that may be visited during the state of emergency and in compliance with a strict health protocol.

The new areas open to the public are the Submarino de La Caleta, Armando Bermúdez and Sierra de Bahoruco national parks.

It also includes Loma Quita Espuela scientific reserve, the natural monuments Pico Diego de Ocampo and Salto de Jimenoa, as well as the wildlife refuges Laguna Mallen, Higuao river, Soco river, Redonda and Limón lagoons and La Gran Laguna or Perucho.

There are now 48 protected areas open to researchers and tourists.

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