Tourism October 7, 2020 | 3:08 pm

Frank Elias Rainieri: “Flights from the USA land with 90% occupancy

 Participated in a webinar organized by the Dominican OPT for Spain and Portugal

 Sector shows optimism after reopening of the industry


Frank Elias Rainieri, general director of the Punta Cana International Airport, reported that flights from the United States are landing in that terminal with 90% occupancy.

“We see an increase in flights from the United States and also from South America. While it is true that we still have fewer frequencies than in previous years, flights from the United States, for example, are landing with 90% occupancy,” he explained.

After the increase of passengers through the terminal, after the opening of tourism in the Dominican Republic, the executive maintains high expectations for next winter and was optimistic about receiving a higher percentage of visitors through the air terminal.

Rainieri related these terms when participating in the webinar “Dominican Republic Awaits You – Responsible Tourism Plan,” conducted by the Dominican Republic Tourism Promotion Office (OPT) for the Kingdom of Spain and Portugal.

It is recalled that the Dominican Government’s goal is to receive 400 thousand tourists by the end of December.

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