Tourism October 7, 2020 | 2:59 pm

Only one tourist has ever needed to use health insurance.

With the reopening of tourism in the Dominican Republic, one of the preferred destinations for vacationing in the Caribbean, the central government, together with the relevant institutions, has created a plan that offers facilities and health security to tourists during their stay in the country.

To this end, the DR offers free medical insurance, financed by the Banco de Reservas, to all tourists staying in hotels in the country until December 31st. This will cover any medical emergency type, medicines in hospitalization assistance, and emergency medical transport, including COVID-19.

In that sense, the executive vice-president of Seguros Reservas, Victor José Rojas, explained that “Up to now, only one tourist has needed to make use of the insurance, being treated in a private clinic, and it was not due to Covid’s infection.”

He explained that tourists’ free coverage is part of the Tourism Insurance Assistance Plan, which covers hotel expenses if the traveler needs to be hospitalized and expenses for flight changes caused by a medical emergency and legal assistance.

“Upon checking in at his hotel, the tourist receives a certificate of coverage that covers him until the moment of check-out, and that assures him medical assistance in case of emergency, including the Covid,” he indicated.

We remind you that the plan will be covered 100% by the Dominican State, and the traveler will not have to pay any cost.

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