Tourism October 26, 2020 | 4:46 pm

Hotels fill their allowable occupancy capacities available on weekends

The executive vice president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism ( Asonahores ), Andrés Marranzini, explained that hotels in the Dominican Republic fill their available housing offered on weekends.

“Thanks to the stimulus of local tourism we are at the top of the capacity allowed by the authorities, 50% occupancy, the hotels that have made the decision to open are reaching the maximum allowed on weekends, we are close to 30,000 rooms in current occupation,” he said when interviewed on the program Despierta con CDN.

He indicated that one of the entity’s initiatives is to ensure hotel occupancy by international tourists in the Easter season of 2021, through the sale of rooms through virtual fairs that the entity will hold, with which they maintain the expectation of promoting the relaunch of the country’s tourism sector.

He specified that the main challenge to increase international tourism is to overcome the quarantine and airspace limitations of the issuing markets.

“The union has been developing strategies to reduce the effects caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in the tourism sector and strengthen the position of the DR as the main destination in the Caribbean,” he added.

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