Tourism November 6, 2020 | 3:06 pm

Therrestra is optimistic about the progress of the construction sector linked to tourism

The reactivation and growth of the construction sector, affected by the crisis of the COVID-19, is closely linked to the reactivation of tourism, which is a generator of wealth so that next year, the construction will be reactivated, and by 2022 “we will have an almost normal year.”

The vision is of Hugo Perez Ovalles, CEO of Constructora Therrestra, and Alvaro Peña, CEO of Constructora Codelpa, who participated in the panel “Perspective of the Reactivation of Construction in the Tourism Sector,” moderated by Enrique de Marchena in the Virtual Fair of Asonahores 2020.

Both see with optimism the reactivation of the constructions because they understand “the business is being profitable, and the growth of the construction is one hundred percent linked to the tourism sector, so in the middle of 2021, which will be a year of transition, the construction will be reactivated, and by 2022 we will have an almost normal year,” the businessmen pointed out.

However, both agreed that several years will pass, “in which major works are not built if it is not used to remodel the currently existing infrastructure, but when the Covid-19 crisis passes, the construction of new hotels will return.”

They considered that the Covid-19 had been a hard blow for the construction sector because it stopped the growth of the construction of rooms, and by September of this year, “construction had decreased by 15% and tourism by 42% and reduced the contribution of the sector to GDP.”

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