Tourism November 19, 2020 | 8:45 am

Dominican tourist town to get a US$120.7M reboot

Puerto Plata.- Luperón township (north) is being relaunched to become the capital of sailing tourism in the Dominican Republic.

The restructuring will be driven by the development of cultural and nautical tourism through the Luperón Municipal Development Plan, which is developed by municipal, congressional authorities and business leaders.

It will be necessary to develop various projects and infrastructure for land access and viability, governance, economic sustainability, sanitation and drinking water.

“The restructuring will require an estimated investment of RD$6.9 billion (US$120.7 million),” said Douglas Pichardo, mayor of the municipality knwn for its breathtaking bay.

He said the plan has an estimated time of four years to increase the population’s access to basic services and attract investments that generate employment in the area.

“In this municipality, 70% of the human capital does not have a quality job, that is why the development of this project is so important to raise the quality of the municipalities.”

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