Tourism December 15, 2020 | 3:38 pm

Mitur: tourism sector is open to Uber but always within the framework of the law

They created a commission headed by Intrant, National Police, and Cestur.


The government of the Dominican Republic, together with the Tourism Cabinet and other authorities, reiterated the UBER platform’s opening and made a call to formalize its activities, given the problems that occurred with taxi drivers.

They reported that the authorities, led by the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation ( Intrant ), maintained communications with the Uber platform’s representative in the country.

“We reconfirm the openness of the government and the country to all platforms that seek to improve the living standards of Dominicans, generate efficiencies and use technology as the central entity in the process of development and well-being,” said the communication via Twitter.

They revealed that given the clashes staged in recent days between transport businesspeople in tourist areas and Uber’s driving partners, for the current government, disruption of order and anything that puts the safety of tourists at risk is unacceptable. And national; situation that distances the values ​​of our brand and government.

Likewise, a commission headed by the Intrant, the National Police, and the Specialized Tourist Security Corps ( Cestur) was coordinated to meet with the transport entrepreneurs of the BavaroPunta Cana area, to guarantee security and order.

Meanwhile, the government urged the Uber representative to stop activities in all airport environments and inform its associates of the need not to provide such services. At the same time, the company’s regulatory situation is not clarified with the authorities.

“The Dominican government is fully committed to change and progress, but always within the framework of the law and regularization,” they exhorted.

They explained that it is the responsibility of the Intrant and the duty of the platform to take all the necessary steps to regularize the activities of its associates in the DR to maintain order, peace, and competition.

“It is essential that both the platform and its associates have all the requirements that the law requires to carry out economic activities, in the DR, both at the corporate, fiscal, labor and immigration levels, of the company, its employees and associates,” they added.

They indicated that the relevant entities must maintain order and guarantee that all economic and commercial activities are carried out lawfully while allowing healthy competition that creates opportunities for all.

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