Tourism January 14, 2021 | 4:33 pm

Joel Santos: new strain of Covid delays tourism recovery

Adviser to the President on Tourism, Joel Santos

He does not rule out that tourism will have a substantial comeback in 2021

The vaccination process stands out in tourism source markets


The appearance of the new strain of coronavirus in the United Kingdom and the rebound that the disease has had, delays the recovery process of tourism in the Dominican Republic, as indicated by the adviser to the President on Tourism, Joel Santos.

“This trend has been slowed by the second and third waves that some countries are handling. This becomes a brake that delays, although it does not eliminate the recovery process,” he explained.

The official predicts that there are many positive signs that in 2021 the sector “will have a comeback,” but with a slower process in the first months, showing an acceleration towards the second part of the year.

Santos cited as one of those critical signals, the development of the anti-covid vaccine.

“It is essential to understand that the developed world, where many of our tourists come from, could have a vaccination level above 50 percent of the population by the middle of the year. It is a figure that must be closely monitored,” he said.

The former president of Asonahores also pointed out, in the “Wake up with CDN” program, that it is essential that in the first months of the year the industry maintain its vital elements, such as employment levels and that the opening process continue gradually, as well as then the complimentary offers of the sector.

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