Health March 1, 2021 | 3:09 pm

15 people arrested for trying to travel from the Dominican Republic with false PCR tests



Fifteen people were arrested and held at the Counterfeit Investigations Department of the National Police for attempting to travel with counterfeit Covid-19 proofs.

Three of them were arrested in flagrante delicto while trying to take flight 655 of Aeromexico Airlines.

When interrogated, they confessed to having had these tests done by a person they contacted through the Internet, who performed them at their homes for a cost of RD$3,800.

These arrests were made under the prosecutor Bianca Durán and Edgar Rodríguez Mesa of the National Police after intelligence work.

Meanwhile, on February 26, 12 persons were returned from Bogota, Colombia, after the Colombian authorities determined that the evidence required to enter their territory was false.

These 12 citizens are under the Counterfeit Department of the National Police Palace’s control after being handed over by the Interpool agents at the Las Americas International Airport (AILA).

The Counterfeit Department is investigating these facts to establish responsibilities.

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