Tourism March 12, 2021 | 10:09 am

Dominican Gov. backs ‘Air Park’ project in the East

Santo Domingo.- Airports Department director, Víctor Pichardo on Thur. offered all the necessary technical and logistical support to the project “La Cortina Theme Park,” with private capital, being built at Las Lagunas de Nisibón, Higüey (east). One of its main attractions will be the Air Park.

Pichardo described the project to police, military and senior civilian officials and other authorities.

“This initiative is seen by us as a country project that comes to complement tourism in this area; it has the support of us in everything you may need, under the procedure of zero bureaucracy in the processes.”

Pichardo said the construction of the Air Park is a component of the first phase of the project by Grupo Viamar.

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