Tourism March 26, 2021 | 3:53 pm

Planes from Spain are full this Saturday

 Wamos schedules two flights on the same day


An overflow in the demand of Spanish tourists is being experienced on flights to the Dominican Republic for this coming Saturday on the Easter holiday.

This is evident in the volume of reservations of Wamos airlines, which has had to schedule an extra flight to Punta Cana due to the great demand for seats, and soon it was packed. The Evelop airline flight is also packed with passengers.

The boom in travelers to the leading tourist destination in the Caribbean has resulted in the regular flights that land in Las Américas, those of Iberia and Air Europa, also having all their seats occupied.

As has been able to verify, the Spanish media echo the facilities offered to tourists by the authorities and hoteliers in terms of security.

Similarly, the vaccination process in the Dominican Republic, which is being carried out at an excellent pace, is highlighted by the Spanish news media.

Good management is the application of sanitary protocols in the country’s hotel and airport facilities and the constant supervision of the authorities, which is undoubtedly an aspect that is raising the confidence of tourists to resume their vacations to the DR.

Everything indicates that there will be a significant rebound in the demand of European visitors in summer. The new airline W2fly will begin operating in Punta Cana from June 19, and they expect to have high occupancies from then.

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