Tourism April 11, 2021 | 10:10 am

RD accelerates its tourist reactivation: 75% of hotels are open



 Dominican tourism represents almost 22% of GDP.

 They work on strategies to make the industry more competitive.


The Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic, Asonahores, stated that it maintains a firm commitment to the sustainable recovery of the tourism sector and the country’s economic stability.

The entity indicated that the arrival of tourists has increased consistently and that more than 75% of hotel properties are open, essential tourism projects are restarting their construction, and new investments are being developed in the sector.

Rafael Blanco Tejera, president of Asonahores, offered these statements at the opening ceremony of the “ASONAHORES Meeting: Innovation + Tourism Talk Dominican Republic” held at the Meliá Caribe Beach Hotel in Punta Cana.

Blanco Tejera explained that the tourism sector represents the engine of the Dominican economy, constituting approximately 22% of the gross domestic product and generating hundreds of thousands of jobs directly, indirectly, and induced.

“The tourism industry is the sector that most closely links with the different productive sectors of the country, and that is why it is so important to focus our efforts on achieving an opening of the international tourism sector that is sustainable over time,” said Blanco Tejera.

He affirmed that from Asonahores, they have carried out strategies and plans to reposition the Dominican Republic as a leading tourist destination in the Caribbean. This guarantees the essential contributions that the tourism sector makes to the country.

Likewise, he stressed that it is vital to have a firm public-private alliance that implements clear policies and that can generate, due to confidence, both the governments of the tourist-issuing countries and the final consumer.

He explained the current collaboration with the Central American Tourism Promotion Agency ( CATA ) to improve the positioning of the Dominican Republic brand as a destination in innovation, diversification, and compliance to continue developing sustainable and sustainable tourism.

“And we must think not only about restoring the levels of growth that we had but also taking advantage of this pause imposed by the pandemic to relaunch our tourism sector more competitively than ever,” said Rafael Blanco Tejera.

He also stated that Asonahores is fully committed to the work that has been developed in conjunction with the public sector, which has shown an unconditional commitment to the tourism sector.

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