Tourism May 8, 2021 | 10:20 am

President of the Puntacana Group, Frank Rainieri, predicts rapid tourism recovery

PUNTA CANA.-The tourism industry will recover "faster than expected and will be much more solid, but it must prepare for the great changes left by Covid-19," said tourism entrepreneur Frank Rainieri in his participation in the ministerial meeting. of passenger cars of the Americas, convened by the World Tourism Organization. Today / External Source Archive 05/07/21

Businessman urges to be open to transformations in the sector.


The president of the Puntacana Group, Frank Rainieri, affirmed yesterday that the tourism industry will have a rapid recovery, even sooner than expected “and will be much more solid, but it must be prepared for the great changes that covid-19 leaves behind.”

At the meeting of tourism ministers of the Americas, convened by the World Tourism Organization, he assured that within those changes, the industry must guarantee security, resources, and accessibility, which “will allow us a much faster recovery and growth of tourism with nearby countries, the United States and Europe.”

A document explains that he spoke at the session dedicated to hearing the private sector’s approach.

He explained that the early recovery of the industry requires changes in procedures because tourists will be looking for more individual activities, such as sports, bicycles, and activities in contact with nature.

Rainieri said that the industry would have to make changes because the tourist will look for hotels and places of low density, and recalled that the positioning of Punta Cana today is possible because at the time the hoteliers of the destination agreed to maintain a low density, to build facilities with many green areas and to maintain the height at the level of a palm tree, or no more than 18 meters high.

He proposed to leave aside the congestion of visitors and look for physical spaces to do activities without a significant degree of overcrowding. He warned that now everything will be electronic, there will be no keys, and it is necessary to prepare for the changes to be inserted in the industry since the tourist will look for inclusive places.

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