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Collado affirms tourism does not represent a health risk in the country



He indicated that the tourist areas reflect a low rate of positivity


The tourist areas reflect the lowest rates of positivity of Covid-19 in the Dominican Republic, below 0.40%, so it does not represent any threat to the health of Dominicans or visitors.

This was reported by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, at the time of stating that tourism does not represent any health risk in the country, by ensuring that the positivity in airports is at 0.39%, as well as the random tests that are carried out. to tourists when they arrive in the country.

“North American tourists, who represent 80% of tourists who are arriving in the country, when they leave they do a mandatory PCR test in hotels and there the positivity is 0.30%,” said the official.

Collado indicated that the tourist enclaves do not represent any risk to the health of the Dominicans, in addition to the strict protocol that is applied in each hotel center to guarantee the health and well-being of visitors and employees.

“Do not be misled. Under no circumstances does tourism represent any risk to the health of Dominicans and if it had been the case, the president would have taken measures a long time ago,” he emphasized.

For his part, the president, Luis Abinader , explained that, by showing the low levels of positivity of Covid-19 in tourist enclaves and airports, the positive, direct and indirect impact that the tourism industry has on the economy and people it’s very good.

“What does it mean when tourists come to the country?” “It means jobs, it means taxi drivers working, agricultural producers selling to hotels, which means tourism throughout its value chain,” said the president.

President Abinader is confident that when the DR pandemic passes, it will have a stronger tourism sector, “so that it continues to create jobs.”

These statements were offered at the inauguration of the road reconstruction of the Duarte-KM 58 road section that connects with the Natturi Crossing , in San Cristobal , which will have a direct impact on the ecotourism development of the area.

In addition, the reconstruction of the Playa Los Cuadritos, Nigua road access, the reconstruction of the bridge over Arroyo Sanaguá, which entailed an investment of more than 211 million pesos.

The works will provide better access to visitors to the beautiful tourist destination full of history, culture, and nature, authorities highlighted.

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