Tourism July 2, 2021 | 2:32 pm

Puerto Plata, ready for the return of Carnival cruise ships next week

The mayor of Puerto Plata, Roquelito García, following up on his management plan in favor of the tourist development of the province, held a meeting with the prominent executives of the Amber Cove Port to make a common agenda to coordinate and follow up on all the work agendas to keep the city prepared for the arrival of cruise ships from next Wednesday, June 6.

García was received by the corporate manager of Amber Cove, Sharon Mei, and Fabio Valenzuela. He is in charge of External Communications of the tourist terminal located in the bay of Maimón.

“All the actions that he has been undertaking in his administration will always be agreed with all sectors, in order to work together and achieve a cleaner, safer and more organized city,” said Garcia.

On his side, Fabio Valenzuela explained that for Puerto Plata to continue being an attractive place for visitors, we at Carnival believe that the mayor’s office has designed, plus the accumulated experience, will achieve more significance and better results for the destination.

Sharon Mei was confident that in a short time, thousands of tourists will return to Puerto Plata on cruise ships to enjoy a unique experience in the tremendous existing attractions and will leave substantial economic benefits in the area.

It was also revealed that both the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, and the president of the Carnival Cruise Terminal, Arnold W. Donald, will be present at the reopening of this terminal.

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