Tourism August 3, 2021 | 3:20 pm

Punta Cana, better than in pre-Covid arrival of Americans

 Rainieri projects an early opening in the European and Canadian issuer

Affirms the recovery of tourism in DR “is a reality.”

The tourist entrepreneur Frank Rainieri indicated that the Dominican Republic is in frank recovery. The most important thing is that it is noticeable in the hotel industry and air passengers since the tourist flow by air are growing rapidly.

He explained that the destination Punta Cana grew more than 46% in July (against June) and is currently at 24% more Americans arriving than in 2019.

Rainieri said that with the growth, new destinations would be added that will start operations. “Countries like Germany will resume their flights; France too and other countries in Europe, including Russia. All this shows that growth is a reality,” he emphasized.

“As a result of Germany opening its doors, other European countries will also do so and that will allow us to grow Europe and Canada markets that between them generated, in the past, around 50% of the tourist who visits the DR,” he said.

He added that Canada should join next month (September) just like Russia. “In the case of Germany, that nation has already delinked DR from its list of countries at risk from Covid-19.”

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