Tourism August 8, 2021 | 7:02 am

IDB: Dominican Republic is most tourism-dependent nation in Latin America


The Dominican Republic is the country with the highest dependence on tourism in the Latin American region, according to the results of the Inter-American Development Bank’s(IDB)2019 Tourism Dependency Index, published in May 2021.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on tourism globally has been unprecedented, but especially in countries with high dependence, according to the Regional Center for Sustainable Economic Statistics.

In that sense, the country obtained a score of 24.1, an increase of 1.2 points over the previous year, according to El Día.

It should be mentioned that although the Dominican tourism industry has begun its revitalization (with positive numbers) thanks to the relaxation or lifting of mobility restriction measures after the progress in the immunization of the world’s population, especially in the leading countries emitting tourists bound for the DR, there is still a long way to go to reach pre-pandemic levels.

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