Tourism August 24, 2021 | 9:00 am

Investors bet on sustainable tourism project in NE

Nagua, Dominican Republic.- In view of the ecotourism and educational potential of the Loma Guaconejo scientific reserve, a group of private investors has joined forces to relaunch the sustainable tourism project in the area.

The services will be offered in the buffer area at the Cuesta Colorada Ecotourism Center, with availability of accommodation, food, visit to the production of organic cocoa and honey in the municipality of El Factor.

The offer also includes a tour of the mangroves of La Gran Laguna or Laguna de Pelucho. The reserve has seven park rangers.

The plan will be developed by a group of partners grouped in the Society for the Integral Development of the Northeast (SODIN), which will invest an estimated RD RD$7.0 million.

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