Tourism August 26, 2021 | 4:31 pm

Exemplary tourist recovery of DR: rises to 73% hotel occupancy

Collado highlights work done confidence in the sector

The government remains focused on reactivating the tourism industry


David Collado, Minister of Tourism, explained that the Dominican Republic has had an unprecedented recovery in the tourism industry and continues to reaffirm “the commitment we have in the sector.”

“When we took control in the sector this reached about 15 thousand operating rooms with an occupancy rate of 15%, today we have more than 73 thousand rooms open with an occupancy in recent weeks of 73%”, he said.

He said that bookings for December exceed 26%, which was had in the same season for the year 2019.

“The trust that has permeated the government of President Luis Abinader, together with the dedication of every detail of both the public and private sectors, is what motivates us to continue giving everything for the industry,” he added.

Concerning the flights that arrive in the DR, the minister told that they are increasing as restrictions are lowered in the issuing countries, “last July we received 4,200 flights is an indicator that we are working to continue recovering and strengthening tourism.”

“The numbers we are seeing are felt because they are a reality, we are focused on continuing to take the country to the point that it remains the largest tourist destination in the Caribbean,” he said.

Collado added that the government took the recovery of tourism very seriously, so it will continue to support each project.

“We have become an example on the subject of international organizations, such as the World Tourism Organization(UNWTO)and the World Travel and Tourism Council(WTTC),have congratulated us on both the protocols and the management at the time of reopening,” he emphasized.

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