Tourism September 21, 2021 | 4:07 pm

Tourist arrival in Dominican Republic is reactivated: it received more than 3 million visitors



The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, stressed that this year 2021, month after month, the Dominican tourism sector has been recovering remarkably, reaching a recovery level of 112% in this month, even though it is low season.

In January, the recovery was 34%; in February 33%; in March 47%; in April 56%; in May, 74 percent; in June 79%; in July 95%; and in August 96 percent; as detailed in a report by the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur)).

The minister stressed that from January to September 14, more than three million non-resident visitors arrived in the country by air.

He explained that the Dominican Republic is one of the few countries classified as a moderate risk due to covid-19 infection. The country is part of a small group of 18 ranked in category 2 of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States.

He indicated that DR is the only country in the hemisphere that is in this category, which he cataloged as “an unprecedented fact.”

For people who intend to travel to countries in category 2, CDC recommends that they have their complete and proper vaccinations, that travelers who are not vaccinated are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill from Covid-19.

Most countries are in categories 3 and 4, which means that the risk of contagion is high or very high.

At level 3 are El Salvador, Honduras, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Italy, among others. Therefore, those who intend to travel to these destinations are advised to reconsider their trip, according to Listín Diario.

Category 4 includes Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Argentina, Jamaica, Cuba, Spain, etc.

The CDC recommends that you avoid traveling to these countries because the risk of contagion of diseases like Covid-19 is very high.

Collado offered these details when presenting at the Observatory of Good Practices to select tourism promotion agencies abroad.

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