Tourism September 29, 2021 | 11:48 am

New air routes include Tampa, Fla.

Santo Domingo.- The Civil Aviation Board (JAC) heard the request to amend the Certificate of Economic Authorization (CAE) number 22 of Dominican capital airline RED AIR, SA, authorizing new international routes, as reported by José Ernesto Marte Piantini , president of the JAC.

In the request to amend the Certificate of Economic Authorization, the national air operator RED AIR, requested to regularly fly the routes: Santo Domingo / Tampa / Santo Domingo; Santo Domingo / Medellín / Santo Domingo; Santo Domingo / Cartagena / Santo Domingo and Santo Domingo / San José, Costa Rica / Santo Domingo, which represents the expansion of services and options available to users.

RED AIR will use 4 Aircraft McDonell Douglass model aircraft, MD-81 and MD-82 series, with a capacity of 12 seats in business class and 137 in economy class, for a total of 149 seats on each route.

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