Tourism November 12, 2021 | 3:46 pm

The first Spanish tourist newspaper for the USA is launched

The first newspaper in Spanish aimed at tourism professionals in the United States is already a reality with the official launch of this Friday after several months in testing and after almost a decade of the birth of the header for all of Latin America.

The growing audience of American tourism professionals had already placed REPORTUR as the second medium with the highest number of visitors in the North American country, with the leadership for travel sellers to the Caribbean, and in total only surpassed by one published in English.

REPORTUR, the leading tourist newspaper in the American continent, already exceeded 22 million news views (impressions) last year, in the sum of its national headers in Mexico, Colombia, the United States, and Argentina, according to the Google Analytics meter, multiplying several times the audience of the following specialized media in America.

REPORTUR  almost reached an audience of 10 million tourism professionals throughout 2020, who made 18 million visits, which distanced it as the traffic leader and as the second world newspaper in the audience after the Spanish Preferente,  widely above both of the headers. In English as Travel Weekly or TTG, as also exhibits Similarweb or Comscore.

Already in 2020,  registered in the United States more than 1.3 million visits and 1.7 million page views, according to Google Analytics, of which almost 120,000 came from Chicago; more than 80,000 from Miami; nearly 80,000 from New York; more than 40,000 from Los Angeles and more than 35,000 from Houston.

REPORTUR smashed all tourist audience records in America thanks to the permanent updating of its contents, the credibility of its news and exclusives, the result of journalistic independence, and the quality of its analysis on travel agencies, hotels, and airlines.

The Preferente Group thus grows with the milestone of the official landing in the world’s largest tourism market, after three years since in 2018 it reached the uninterrupted leadership of the audience of tourism professionals, thanks to its Preferente brand, which celebrates its 30th anniversary, together with the headers for the Dominican Republic and ‘ Desarrollo ‘ as the only newspaper for hotel investors.

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