Tourism November 25, 2021 | 4:55 pm

Dominican airports will apply measures to prevent Covid-19 infections at Christmas

On the occasion of the start of the high passenger season, the airport authorities recommended reactivating the sanitary measures against Covid-19 in the main areas of the country’s airports to prevent the increase in the spread of the virus.

In a document, the authorities request to socialize and coordinate the flight schedule with the government agencies that intervene in the airports each week.

They indicated that in airports with more than two terminals, simultaneous flights should distribute equitably between the terminals to avoid passenger congestion within the airports.

They also recommended guaranteeing the availability, operability, and comfort of the spaces provided for passengers, visitors, and users of the terminals, including air conditioning, lighting and signage, and cleaning.

In addition, the measures also include managing with the airlines and the different entities that offer services, applying self-service options, which facilitate mobility and rapid movement of travelers, according to Listín Diario.

Ensure to apply biosecurity measures in the terminal areas recommended by the Tourism Cabinet in the country’s airports to prevent the increase in cases of contagion with the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Similarly, guide passengers on all travel, safety, and health regulations that must be adopted and complied with to guarantee flights, through signs, advertisements on digital screens, and the public address system and other means, at least in two Languages.

The airport authorities also suggest organizing the flow of passengers to maintain distance in the migration, customs, and airline counter areas at the airport terminal.

They recommended cleaning and disinfecting the equipment regularly, increasing its frequency as operations increase, and they should keep a record of this. To do this, they must update and adapt their hygiene protocol.

Maintain public toilets in optimal conditions, clean and stocked with basic personal hygiene supplies.

With the start of the high passenger season, thousands of Dominicans and tourists travel to the country, including the absent creoles who return to the Dominican Republic to reunite with their families at Christmas.

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