Tourism December 3, 2021 | 4:10 pm

US requires Covid-19 test 24 hours in advance from travelers


The United States government will require from “the beginning of next week” all foreign travelers who want to enter the country to present a negative test for Covid-19, carried out the day before departure, and to be vaccinated, the White House reported Thursday.

The president, Joe Biden, reported on a series of measures to boost vaccination and deal with the spread of Covid-19 during the winter after the first case of the new variant of coronavirus Ómicron was known in the country on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, for internal displacement, President Biden will announce an extension of the mandatory use of face masks on planes, trains, and other means of public transportation until mid-March, a senior official said.

The new measures seek to reassure Americans and show that Biden is doing everything in his power to prevent the pandemic from derailing America’s impressive economic recovery and the Christmas holidays.

The president and his advisers have reiterated that there will be no return to mass closures in recent days.

But the government faces the fact that many Americans are not receptive to Biden’s calls for collective action to defeat the pandemic. About 40% of the population is still not fully immunized, despite creative attempts to encourage vaccination.

And nearly 100 million people eligible for booster shots have yet to seize the chance.

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December 3, 2021 9:03 pm

impressive economy? When over a 100 million are on food stamps .Okay and a 30 trillion deficit which can never be paid off period ,Yeah great economy with every 100 dollars at 96 per cent debt .
Since the us went off the gold standard under nixon the economy has been on a downward spiral.
Research does not have an opinion or feelings dr today so dont fool the people with fabricated facts .I am sorry did not 7 million people die of air pollution worldwide last year and on average 6=7 million a year did they wear masks on planes or take vaccines to enter a bar or a local supermarket???? guess not facts are something those at the top do not want to hear

Paul Tierney
December 5, 2021 7:52 am

The need for travelers to have is test 24 hours before departure is unreasonable. Suggest 48 hours before passage is a better choice to allow travelers to find foreign testing sites best able to deliver results promptly. What is going to happen under this new mandate is the costs of tests are going to skyrocket, Some unlucky shoppers will be forced to take a quick tests for hundreds of dollars at departure locations.. Families traveling on a limited budgets are going to be hit hard. This mandate will reduce travel at a needed time.

Foreign governments and tourism agencies need to put their boots on to find relief for travelers or they are going to lose revenues gained from international travel to/from their countries. The US needs to rethink its requirement.

December 5, 2021 8:53 am
Reply to  Paul Tierney

Joe Biden is the worst President in my lifetime