Tourism December 5, 2021 | 12:02 pm

Air Europa’s business triumphs in Punta Cana

Its flights are registering occupancies of almost 100%

 Given the success obtained, they consider increasing their operations

 There is a strong demand for business class on flights from Spain


Air Europa’s decision to operate business class aircraft at Punta Cana airport has been a complete success.

The Hidalgo family company has hit the nail on the head because these flights are registering occupancies of almost one hundred percent.

The Punta Cana airport did not have business flights from Madrid after the withdrawal of the Jumbo from Wamos approximately two years ago.

The difference between the business class of one and the other airline is that Springwater’s had 12 seats and Globalia’s had 32.

Air Europa’s flight frequency is weekly and with its most modern aircraft, but given the success obtained, they are considering operating more flights.

Passengers residing in the destination and tourists miss more operations of Spanish airlines with business class. Therefore, there is a market for it.

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