North Coast December 10, 2021 | 4:04 pm

The Taino Bay port opens this month with the arrival of its first cruise ships

The Ministry of Tourism ( Mitur ) reported that the country would be receiving 84 cruise operations in five destinations for December, including the Taino Bay port in Puerto Plata.

“The Port of Taino Bay presents the schedule for 13 operations, among which the arrival of the Virgin Cruises line stands out, which opens its operations in the Caribbean region,” explained the entity.

In addition, Mitur indicated that Santo Domingo is another port that restarts its operations with the arrival of 10 cruise ships. In this way, the Dominican Republic may be receiving approximately 100,000 cruise ship visitors (cruise passengers and crew personnel), thus achieving new figures in the sector.

December begins with great expectations for the tourism sector of the Dominican Republic; as of today, it has seen 33% more arrival of tourists than in 2019.

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