Tourism December 29, 2021 | 1:30 pm

Royal Caribbean suspends its trips to Puerto Rico due to new restrictions

“It is a necessary action in the current circumstances”


The Department of Health confirmed last Monday, November 27, that the Royal Caribbean cruise line suspended its trips to Puerto Rico for not agreeing with the new restrictions in the face of the rebound in Covid-19 cases.

The agency established as a requirement to cruise lines that all passengers who disembark at a local port of visit must be fully vaccinated and made with a maximum of 48 hours in advance, according to Telenoticias.

“We recognize that this is an onerous measure for cruise ships and their passengers. However, it is a necessary action given the current circumstances we are experiencing, and we hope that it will be a temporary measure with which we can reduce infections on the island,” said Health Secretary Carlos Mellado.

It is recalled that last Sunday, November 26, the cruise ship of the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas company docked at dawn in the port of San Juan with around 40 people, including passengers and crew, infected with Covid-19.

The cruise ship’s entry to the island was not denied, contrary to what happened at St. Lucia and St. Kitts.


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