Tourism February 4, 2022 | 4:17 pm

The scenarios that make the Dominican Republic a ‘movie destination’

The Dominican Republic has become one of the favorite places for film productions, and in the video published by William Ramos, two beaches are presented that have been the scenes of famous movies.

Playa el Valle

Both beaches are in SamanáPlaya el Valle and Playa Ermitaño, which have been the setting for the productions: the movie Tiempo and the series Survivor.

(Video is in Spanish)

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Mr. Sensible
February 5, 2022 10:44 am

Why even bother putting this on the page as it basically says NOTHING!

Felix Arroyo
February 5, 2022 8:48 pm

Keep it that way. Don’t let the mob nor the developers from touching anything with tourist value or that give DR the images of “nature” destination. It is your duty to protect, forment, and maintain Dominican flora and fauna as it was found in 1492.
No money, no personal gain, no greediness, no capitalist plans, and no “for development & progress” reasons are to be use to taint, to molest, to change, to disturb, and to eradicate any Dominican flora, coastal waters, bodies of potable water, and even geology. Do so and you do it at your own peril with the addition of enemies that will go after you!