Tourism February 18, 2022 | 3:04 pm

The powerful tourism advantage of the Dominican Republic: exemplary handling of the crisis

Tourism applauds the removal of Covid restrictions. 

However, maintaining protocols will depend on the characteristics of each hotel.


The tourism advisor to the Executive Power, Joel Santos, stated that the elimination of all the restrictive measures imposed by  Covid-19, as announced by President Luis Abinader, is the result of all the correct decisions that were made throughout the pandemic to care for the health and ensure the well-being of tourists and locals; measures that also served to recover the tourism sector.

“What has benefited tourism has been the set of measures that were taken throughout the pandemic process and the elimination of restrictions is nothing more than the end of a set of strategic decisions by the parties involved based on analysis of the behavior of Covid-19,” he added.

He stressed that what has helped the growth in the arrival of post-pandemic tourists has been the trust that the authorities have generated due to the certainty of the decisions; “That is, the President’s decision is part of the set of measures and will obviously be taken as another element that gives tourists confidence.”

The former president of Asonahores indicated to that despite the suspension of the measures, many of the protocols created and implemented in the tourism and hotel sector would remain since he understands that the confidence at the level of health management would be the confidence that the country impresses on tourists.

“Many of the protocols that were established during the pandemic are here to stay because at the level of health management we have learned a lot during the process and mainly with the cleaning protocols, to name a few,” he said.

Santos explained that the protocols that hotel chains choose to maintain would depend on the characteristics of the properties, clients, the physical distribution of the hotel (common areas), among others.

“Without a doubt, at the management level to preserve health, like other situations that the industry has suffered in the past, they have left lessons learned that will undoubtedly remain in the sector,” he emphasized.

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