Tourism March 21, 2022 | 1:41 pm

Paola Rainieri describes tourism recovery as “extraordinary”

“In 2022 the arrival of visitors has been higher than in years prior to covid”


She said efforts between the public and private sectors are continuing.


Paola Rainieri, senior vice president of Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing of the Puntacana Group, highlighted how tourism has recovered in the country after the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

She said that despite the international context, the recovery of tourism in the country has been extraordinary, highlighting that so far in 2022, the arrival of visitors has been higher than in the same period of years before the pandemic.

“The truth is that the results can be seen in the numbers presented monthly by the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), which compared to 2018 and 2019, which were the best years, the arrival of tourists is in full recovery in the DR,” Rainieri said.

Concerning the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, the businesswoman indicated that the Dominican Republic could have in 2022 a 10% drop in tourist arrivals due to the conflict, “we are making joint efforts between the public and private sectors to attract visitors from other destinations.”

Rainieri spoke after giving a conference on the importance of women’s work in the development of the national tourism industry, given at the Institute of Technical Professional Training (Infotep).

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