Sports March 29, 2022 | 2:35 pm

The PGA promotes Punta Cana, the Dominican Republican and the promoters

The PGA held at the Punta Cana Resort complex has been a boost for the destination due to its worldwide repercussion and, without a doubt, for the Dominican Republic. This was emphasized by the promoter of the tournament, Frank Rainieri.

Rainieri Sr. did not want to attribute the importance of the tournament only to Punta Cana, and in his speech on the occasion of the awards ceremony, he extended it to the country. FR was subtle, but that’s how it is: promoting Punta Cana is promoting the DR.

The impact of the PGA is enormous in the world of this sport and in the world that surrounds it, such as residential tourism. The Punta Cana brand and, consequently, the country’s brand is boosted every year by celebrating this competition.

Undoubtedly, this activity is the most important of all those held in the DR. Minister David Collado emphasized this in his speech.

The Minister of Tourism should urgently take a crash course in English: the country’s top tourism authority cannot go around the world without mastering or having elementary notions of the world’s most universal language.

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