Tourism April 20, 2022 | 3:28 pm

Hidalgo: “Dominican Republic is one of the few countries that are already almost normal”

Highlights increase in hotel occupancy in the DR

He sees isolation measures as currently unnecessary.


“When this (from the covid-19 pandemic) arrived, I remembered that Jesus Christ rose on the third day, but I thought that the country would take three years to be as we were before. There are a few countries that are already established, that are already normal, and one of the countries that is almost normal is Santo Domingo . It will cost other countries much more”, indicated the president of GlobaliaJuan José Hidalgo.

When Hidalgo cites Santo Domingo, he refers specifically to the country. It is common for it to occur when foreigners and tourists travel to the national territory.

“Without a doubt, SD is an example. There, what is always talked about is that you have to push forward. That many tourists come, and that we are almost normal. It is a country that is facing difficulties,” said the businessman in an interview with El Caribe.

He stated that the type mentioned above of progress, work, and effort gives people confidence, and that is expressed in an increase in hotel occupancy and a good frequency of entry and exit of airline flights, as is the case of his company ( Air Europa ), which goes daily to Santo Domingo and two days a week -now in winter- to Punta Cana.

“The planes are full. So I think that openness and how the government has dealt with this pandemic are very important,” he explained.

For Hidalgo, the isolation measures, due to the health situation in the world, are no longer necessary because they are very drastic for the tourism economy.

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