Tourism April 26, 2022 | 7:40 am

Dominican Gov. to unveil tourism master plan for Southwest

Cabo Rojo

Santo Domingo.- For next Friday, April 29 the Pro Pedernales Trust plans to hold a public hearing to present the results of the latest environmental impact studies carried out by that entity for the Cabo Rojo Tourism Development Plan.

In a statement it indicates that the institution’s technical team is currently analyzing said results for presentation in Pedernales province.

The plan covers an area of ​​approximately 38 million square meters and will include the construction of luxury and ecological hotels, with sustainable energy generation capacity, in addition to the construction of affordable housing for the employees of the area and the project.

The strategy, which is carried out among important protected areas for their ecological value, is monitored by environmental groups who hope that the initiative will not harm the natural reserves of the province, which they understand are vital for a sustainable project.

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