Tourism June 8, 2022 | 3:37 pm

Red Air increases its operations between Santo Domingo and Miami: it will offer three daily flights

Astrid Pérez, commercial manager of Red Air

Starting July 25


Red Air reported that it will operate three daily flights on the Santo Domingo – Miami route as of July 25, having a total of 21 weekly flights to the aforementioned city of the sun.

Astrid Pérez, commercial manager of Red Air, said that the new operation will be flight L53993 that will depart from Las Américas International Airport ( AILA ) at 5:00 in the afternoon to arrive in Miami at 7:30 at night.

“When making a comparison of the data on the number of passengers who flew from Santo Domingo to Miami, in the first quarter of 2022 and 2021, there has been an increase of 78%. If we take into account the nationalities, the Dominican has a 57.4% relevance of the total amount, followed by the American,” she added.

He explained that “its shareholders, a group of businessmen with extensive experience in the civil aviation and airport services sector, are committed to the aeronautical sector, its development and contribution to the economy and, above all, to the creation of value as a country brand.”

It is recalled that as a new Dominican airline, the company has competitive quality parameters. For this reason, in tourist class, in addition to an 8-kilo cabin suitcase, it allows the passenger a hold baggage of 32.

“We want to achieve objectives in phases, but focusing on the human quality of a close staff, close and above all, with a vocation to serve. A total of 97 collaborators between crew and administrative and operational personnel to meet the needs of the passenger.” Pérez pointed out.

RED Air’s main markets are the United States, Central America, the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe. The growth plan has started in Miami with two daily frequencies, with four own aircraft models Mcdonell Douglas Series (MD-82 and 83).

In a second phase, operations are planned to cities in Central and South America, as well as to cities with high traffic of Dominican nationals such as South Florida. In a third phase, long-range flights are planned to cities in the Southern Cone as well as to Europe.

According to the growth phases of the company, the acquisition of medium-range aircraft (B-737-400, 700 and 800) and long-range aircraft (B-767, Air Bus 330) is planned. The path is solid and safe when done slowly. The important thing is that we have all recovered, the illusion of flying again.

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