Tourism June 13, 2022 | 1:50 pm

Passenger flow at Dominican Republic airports exceeds 1.2 million in May

The Civil Aviation Board ( JAC ) reported that the Dominican Republic continues exceeding expectations and breaking passenger traffic records in most months.

In this sense, José Ernesto Marte Piantini, president of the JAC, explained that from May 1 to 31 of this year, 2022, 1,226,056 passengers were transported by air on international flights through the Dominican terminals in 9,170 air operations.

He assured that the number of passengers mobilized by the different airports represents a record figure for May.

“Before May 2022, the Dominican Republic had never reached the threshold of 1.2 million passengers in this month,” he said.

He explained that of the 1,226,056 passengers transported on international flights to and from the country, 602,726 passengers entered Dominican territory while 684,285 left.

Marte Piantini indicated that due to the significant growth of air operations in the country and the dynamic relationship with other States, hundreds of thousands of loads are moved through Dominican airports.

“The Dominican international terminals mobilized 31,720,604 kilograms in exports, which represent the capture of US$1,154,153,286 million in direct and indirect income, and 12,308,955 kilograms in imports from January 1 to April 30,” he said.

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