Tourism June 22, 2022 | 1:42 pm

Encarna Piñero: “Pedernales is on our roadmap”

“We believe a lot in this country and it is part of our life,” she said.

Currently, they are working on the renovation of their hotel in Cayo Levantado


The CEO of Grupo PiñeroEncarna Piñero, does not rule out landing in Pedernales with a hotel project; on the contrary, she has revealed to that the emerging destination, which has strong support from the Dominican government for its tourism development, “is on your roadmap.

“Investing in Pedernales is one of the goals we have set for ourselves. We believe a lot in this country, and it is part of our life. We do not rule out continuing to invest and position ourselves in other destinations that may also be leaders in tourism in the DR,” she indicated.

He stated that they are currently focused on the renovation of the Bahía Príncipe Cayo Levantado hotel, the “star project” of the chain in the country and that it is taking shape hand in hand with local companies and talent in the Samaná bay.

Compared to other tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic, Pedernales will have the advantage of starting with a well-conceived management plan and integrating the highest-level hotels with luxury cruises.

Not to mention the essential international airport that will be built in Cabo Rojo, a project that, like the other tourist infrastructures, will be carried out through a public-private partnership.

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Paul Tierney
June 23, 2022 9:41 am

Don’t think some of the major resort investors are going to jump into the Pedernales developments until there is some headway made to construct an airport to service the area. No sense for them to throwing money into a hole unless the government throws some its own money too.