North Coast June 22, 2022 | 4:12 pm

Successfully celebrate Cabrera Tourism Fair in Spring

The XIII edition of the Cabrera Tourism and Agricultural Fair in Spring, held from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 June in this town, to promote the values and characteristics that distinguish the municipality of Cabrera, as well as its crafts, gastronomy, art, and culture, successfully concluded.

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, highlighted the tourist potential that the municipality of Cabrera has and assured us that he will give all his support to develop that destination.

Within the framework of this edition of the fair, Minister Collado received recognition from the municipal council for his outstanding support and collaboration in developing the same.

“I want to express my satisfaction and joy to be able to visit this fair and see the cultural, gastronomic and artisanal expression of this beautiful town. Cabrera en Primavera is the most organized and beautiful fair I have visited as Minister,” Collado said.

“I have a special feeling in my heart for the people of Cabrera, and we will demonstrate it when we inaugurate the boardwalk and carry out a plan to relaunch this destination,” said the Minister.

The official said that the Ministry of Tourism is working with transparency and a lot of love so that no one can feel disappointed by a bad event. “We will bring tourism to every corner of the Dominican Republic, but with greater emphasis here, in Cabrera; my heart is with you.”

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