Tourism July 6, 2022 | 4:29 pm

Mitur launches ‘Qualitur’, the first tourist quality badge in the country

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, led the launch of Qualitur, the first tourist quality distinction in the country, aimed at hoteliers, tour operators, bars and restaurants.

Through this Distinction, it is guaranteed to recognize the continuous improvement and promotion of quality in the services and products offered by this tourism segment, providing credibility and Distinction with a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

Collado highlighted the importance of the badge to achieve greater quality and efficiency in the services received by national and foreign tourists.

“With Qualitur we ratify our commitment to constant improvement and efficiency in the national tourism industry,” he said.

Meanwhile, Roberto Henríquez, Deputy Minister of Quality of Tourism Services of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), highlighted the importance and excellent benefits of Qualitur certification to companies and organizations.

He stated that the Distinction would guarantee continuous improvement and quality for excellence in the country’s tourism industry and a greater degree of satisfaction for the traveler, guest, client, or user who requires these services.

He also emphasized that in the satisfaction surveys, 91% of travelers would revisit the Dominican Republic, being “our goal to become a 5-star destination in terms of satisfaction, which is why we are here today to present you with the tool that will help achieve this goal together.”

The official thanked the Inter-American Development Bank ( IDB ) for contributing to the Project from its Comprehensive Tourism and Urban Development Program for the Colonial City of Santo Domingo (PIDTUCCSD).

A second phase of the Qualitur Project will be aimed at tour guides, gift shops (Gift shops), tourist transport, and museums.

Implementing the new badge, which has the Cristal Certification, will boost the competitiveness and development of the tourism sector and will provide confidence in the professionalism of the staff and greater security in the choice of the establishment or services.

To know the requirements to obtain the Qualitur tourist quality badge, you can access

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Paul Tierney
July 6, 2022 7:34 pm

Don’t like the idea. It may appear to have good intentions at face value. Graft is a concern. Badges can be bought? Let the public decide tourism quality by where they spend their currency. There are enough internet channels to explore information about who has tourism quality. No need for another government bureauracracy.