Tourism July 15, 2022 | 5:18 pm

Caribbean Lake Park is renewed to offer unlimited fun in Punta Cana

Caribbean Lake Park Punta Cana, an aquatic amusement center and one of the safest in the Caribbean, was renovated to offer unlimited fun thanks to the commitment of José Luis Romero, a Spanish businessman who bet on investing, adapting, and later reopening the park in the eastern part of the country.

The park stands out for being one of the most complete and safe aquatic spaces in the country and the entire Caribbean area, which in turn unifies all the entertainment in a single destination since, in addition to the three artificial lakes for different sports, it has the Batú restaurant, the Maroca discotheque, and space for various events.

“The park was closed during the Covid-19 period for two years, and no one had the strength or the desire to take over the park. Then, Mr. José Luis came to the DR for the first time, fell in love with the area and the project, and decided to make the main investment to acquire the park and create a professional and responsible work team,” explained Oliver Levesque, Commercial Director and Quality Manager of the park.

He detailed that the investment to make changes in the amusement center was made for more than 15 million dollars, and the following activities are available to visitors: Wakeboard, floating circuit, zip lines, flyboard, Kneeboard, Zip Line, Paddle Board, Cable Ski, beach volleyball courts, foot-volley, and climbing wall.

He indicated that one of the advantages offered by the park is that it is not necessary to have previous experience in water sports because they have wakeboard, kneeboard, or cable ski teachers while recalling that each of the collaborators is trained in first aid, CPR, use of the defibrillator and any situation that can be controlled in primary care.

“Safety is one of the most outstanding aspects of the place because we have a level of preparation with international standards. As the activities are mostly aquatic, for children and adults, we are respecting and complying with all safety protocols,” he emphasized.

He said that at the moment, the collaborating team is made up of 90 people, including executives and instructors, “but we will continue to grow, and we hope to have between 200 and 300 employees because the park has a lot of potentials, mainly in the area we want to exploit, which is events and concerts.”

Levesque indicated that you have several costs in about 12 attractive packages for using the Caribbean Lake Park facilities.

“The access to the park has a cost of $25 for minimum consumption, for each activity, there are several promotions with tour operators with or without transportation; you can also access The Riders Club membership (for $1,000 and now in summer has a promotion of 20% discount for the local market) and enjoy the benefits it offers such as discounts in store, events, access to the pool, lake beach and unlimited access to Wakeboard for a whole year,” he said.

The executive said that the flow of visitors on weekends is focused on the local market, and 80% of international visitors come from Canada and North America.” Hence, they work with the commercial department to work hand in hand with tour operators.

“We want to work hand in hand with the hotels and tour operators so that we can have a good flow of visitors during the week to have a higher volume of tourists; we need to open our doors every day,” he added.

He informed that for this purpose, they have already contemplated the evaluation of visitors per season to the destination of Punta Cana as “for example in the winter we talk about 60% of Canadian and North American visitors, now in summer visitors are more Latinos, and we have opened several doors to the market of Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Puerto Rico; we have other tour operators working the market of Spain, Belgium, and France, so little by little we will receive an international volume of people.”

With these “aggressive” projections, Caribbean Lake Park will strengthen its proposal to offer exciting and diverse experiences. It will also elevate Punta Cana as a fun destination attracting thousands of visitors.

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