Bavaro & Punta Cana February 8, 2023 | 7:54 am

Noise affects real estate tourism in Bávaro, there are nightclubs in the condominiums

“We looked forward to having a piece of paradise,” is one of the phrases with which Dolores explains her motivation and that of some foreign citizens to invest in several apartments or condominiums in the Punta El Cortecito and Los Corales sectors, located in Bávaro, La Altagracia province. However, the sun, beach, and sand offered by these towns in the eastern region have not been enough to prevent the investment in apartments made by these people to live or rent from being harmed by a problem that, as they explained, has worsened. over the years: noise. “For years the presence of restaurants and bars that put speakers and live music on their terraces has increased. We are not asking that these businesses be closed, we are asking the authorities to respect the laws, the decibels, and above all the schedules”, the foreigners pointed out.

Those affected detail that those who build in the area usually keep the first floors intended to be used as premises, which are later sold or rented to individuals who set up these types of businesses, despite the fact that “the construction companies promise us that they will only build offices.” The complainants assured that they invested in area nine and 13 years ago and that, currently, they lose, for rent, a minimum of $1,000 per week. “People rent you an apartment for three months and after several nights they want to leave,” they say. “Some of us have had to buy anti-noise windows that cost about $60,000 and that is almost the price of a new apartment in many places,” they add.

The complainants indicate that they have gone to the authorities, without achieving a definitive solution to the problem. “When the Police go to the complaints, they just laugh,” declare those affected.


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Paul Tierney
February 8, 2023 9:19 am

When purchasing in this country and especially in tourist zones be aware be very aware of what you may be getting into. Sellers can be charming as hell and promise all sorts of things, the world, that come additional to the sale for the benefit of buyers, notably within gated residential communities, i.e, free pool/beach privileges, quiet secure location with guards, garden services, free club memberships, and ect. Yet, when deals go through and the buyers or their renters settle in… it is a different story. The free pool/beach privileges require a photo carnet that needs to be purchased; quiet changes to noisy coming from nearby businesses or rude neighbors; secure becomes a word only… especially when you or your neighbor’s residence is robbed; garden service is trimming trees and grass at side of road, not on private properties; free club membership is for a club facility that does not exist and will not exist. Bavaro is part of the eastern tourist zone and as such noise laws are very selective and scarcely enforced with a wink of the eye to benefit of tourism related enterprises. The local authorities pay little attention to noise related issues.

If sellers promise anything get it in writing within the “compra y venta” purchase and sale contract, otherwise you have no protection at all, if any. Also note, it is not rare for companies that sell properties reinvent themselves under new names and tax id’s to avoid being held responsible for their lies. So, buyer beware!

February 8, 2023 12:31 pm
Reply to  Paul Tierney

100% agree with Paul’s assessment. It’s still, “buyer beware”. One thing that’s suggested over and over is that if you’re ever looking to purchase a property in the DR, especially within a community/residence, find a unit that you can rent for a month or two first. Get in the grain of what goes on from a day-to-day basis – the things you won’t really see in a flashy brochure. Is the “members pool” filled with a continual flow of AirBnB guests, are promised amenities “planned on being built”, does the management/builder bend the rules when it suits their needs ($$$). Sound levels, parties being continually allowed and rules not enforced etc.
Everyone has a different tolerance to disruptions and these kinds of surprises so as Paul mentioned, a lot is up to the buyer to do their due diligence first.

February 8, 2023 5:06 pm

look cheryll henderson mall from KW real estate… its been sitting unfinished for several years now…i wonder what happened to investors money ?!…

Mr. Sensible
February 9, 2023 7:12 am

Most of that noise is actually coming from a resort… Impressive. But, don’t touch a big resort….no no no.

It has been the same since way back when it was Ocean Blue. Every night….whomp whomp whomp….aplauso….aplauso.